Recognition, Instruction, Chart Review, and More

Specialization in Strangulation

Identification of strangulation: victims, perpetrators, causes, missed medical diagnosis and beyond.

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Help reduce the number of life-long complications, including delayed death, related to non-fatal strangulation. Help the courts discover strangulation evidence in medical charts, aide in persecutions, parole releases, civil liabilities. Help train emergency department personnel in the proper identification and treatment of victims of non-fatal strangulation.

Company Goals

Greater than 50% of all autopsies performed on strangulation cases have NO VISIBLE BRUISES! People are literally strangled, to death, without any external evidence of being mortally wounded. Death can occur hours, days, weeks, even months after a SINGLE hands-to-neck event. Victims are being sent home from hospitals without proper treatments and advanced diagnostic tests due to a staggering level of ignorance across America’s Emergency departments. prn SANE aims to educate front-line responders in risk identification, to assist the courts in documentation for prosecution or defense, and to discover evidence of strangulation buried in medical records for treatment and legal pursuits.


Strangulation Chart Review

What I Offer


Chart Reviews

It is knowing what others do not know that makes my expert level medical chart review on the recognition of the signs and symptoms of strangulation so unique.



I use multiple instructional aides for visualization of anatomical structures to assist with comprehension.


Expert Witness

I am currently listed as an expert witness on strangulation, neurobiology of trauma and intimate partner violence for the State of Oregon.


Forensic Interviews

Extensive forensic interview training, both adults and pediatrics. Forensic evidence collection, interviews, SANE examinations, companioned with enhanced medical knowledge and expertise.

Victim Recognition

ANYBODY can be an intentional, or unintentional, victim of strangulation. 

Changes in One's Voice

Increasing Neck Pain

Difficulty Swallowing or Breathing

Ear Pain

Behavioral Changes

Loss of Consciousness or "Passing Out"

Visual Changes

Tongue Swelling

Bloodshot Eyes

Lightheadedness or Dizziness 

Contractions ( In Pregnant Victims)

and much, much more