Domestic Violence Expert Witness Consultation

Non-fatal strangulation can often leave no trace, which can make it difficult to identify. In cases of domestic violence, you need expert identification of your strangulation to give your case the best chance for success. As a domestic violence expert witness, prn SANE can help you with your domestic violence case.

What Does an Expert Witness Do?

Legal cases need expert evidence to build a strong defense. An expert witness is someone with extensive training and understanding in a certain subject that can give experienced and knowledgeable testimony. As an expert witness for domestic violence, I review injuries and provide solemn testimony of the damage that was inflicted on the violence victim.

How Do I Help?

In the case of non-fatal strangulation, medical diagnosis is often difficult to get. Many strangulation cases don't cause bruising or internal damage, leaving the victim with only their word as a defense. However, I have dedicated my career to learning to identify the subtle and often missed symptoms of strangulation.

When I consult on a strangulation case, I look for:

  • Neck and ear pain
  • Behavioral changes
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Lightheadedness

Even if the strangulation left no visible indications of the event, I have trained extensively to recognize all the effects it can cause.

Why Choose prn SANE?

I am dedicated to helping you get the help you need after a domestic violence incident. After 25 years as a nurse, I took specialized training courses so that I could recognize strangulation and provide expert testimony for strangulation victims. Not only do I recognize general signs of abuse, but I can also provide expert testimony about domestic violence injuries and strangulation.

If you need an expert witness for a case of strangulation or partner violence, schedule a domestic violence expert witness consultation with me today. Call (866) 350-SANE (7263).