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Strangulation Recognition

Missed Recognition is a Misdiagnosis

More than 50% of all autopsies on strangulation show NO visible bruises. Strokes, carotid dissections, even death occurs days, weeks, months after a single incident. Few in the medical field know what to look for or which treatments to provide.


Non-fatal strangulation

Often occurs to victims of crimes meant to control them, with high rates that it happens domestically. It can be easily missed by medical staff members due to a lack of knowledge and training.

There is a 750% increased chance that a person will become a victim of domestic violence homicide. This usually happens in the initial 12 months following a single non-fatal strangulation event.

Some of those who provide care to the victims are unaware of a potentially fatal attack.

Tragically, many victims are never even brought for care due to a lack of physical injury. Those that seek help are often discharged home without proper treatment against potential stroke or even death.

There is a lack of knowledge‑based training

For those working in the medical industry. They do not know the warning signs, and they must begin to know and recognize them.

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